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India Update #2


The year was 1982. Two strangers met here in Atlanta for the first time as they were being trained to teach Walk Thru the Old Testament. Our U.S. faculty numbered less than 50 and our total team worldwide was under 100.

Rich Leland was a young pastor serving in the northeast, and Jerry Hull was a seminary student in Texas. Both have taught hundreds of our live events since then. Little did they know they were beginning a lifelong friendship. And there’s no way either of them would have guessed they would be leading a training conference together in India 37 years later!

You’ve already heard from Rich. Now let’s hear Jerry’s perspective on his first visit to India to help equip Sathyabal’s team this week in India.

What an incredible experience I had leading the first ever India Kids’ instructor training in Hyderabad, India!

As Rich was training our South Asia leaders to teach Phil’s new Chiseled course on the life of Peter, I had the joy of working with 20 handpicked Sunday School teachers and children’s ministry leaders to be our first otLIVE for Kids teachers in India.

What started out as a quiet, shy group turned into a close-knit team of friends cheering each other on and building each other up. Each one rose to the occasion as they took sections of the OT storyline and taught it back to the others.

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They learned how to add drama to the storyline and make learning fun. It was like God was releasing them to teach like Him. They went from standing and reading things off their paper to ditching their notes and focusing and connecting with their audience adding new skits and illustrations along the way.

It was so encouraging to see them bring God’s Word to life in fun ways that I know their kids will love. They caught the vision for teaching as God teaches and captivated our attention. I believe we will be hearing of many, many young lives in India being changed forever by God’s Word. What a privilege to see the beginning of this happen right before our eyes.

I wish you could have been there with us to see the fire God lit in the hearts of our new kids instructors. I don’t think I’ll ever forget some of the things I saw take place in these few days. He is truly able to do “exceedingly abundantly above and beyond all we can ask or think” or even pray for. Thanks for joining us in letting God’s Word shine and bring light to young lives as well as well as old.

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