Jordan Update #2


I arrived here in Amman late Saturday night and rested most of Sunday. After a brief introductory session Sunday evening, I headed to my room to catch the second half of the World Cup Final. And that’s when it hit me: I’m an American visiting Jordan watching Croatia vs France in the World Cup Final in Russia and the announcer is screaming in Arabic. Talk about globalization! According to Wikipedia, “Globalization is the process of interaction and integration of people, companies, and governments worldwide. Globalization has grown due to advances in transportation and communication technology.” There’s nothing new about globalization. It’s just accelerating at an amazing pace in our generation.

Paul wrote this in Galatians 4:4: “In the fullness of time, God sent His Son.” Globalization is part of what made that instant the perfect moment for our Savior to come. Greece, in an effort to export its culture, made Greek the trade language of the entire known world. Care to guess what language most of the New Testament was first written in? And the Romans built roads all over their empire—great roads, remnants of which you can still walk on today. It wasn’t their goal, but they effectively paved the way for the spreading of the Gospel. But those days don’t begin to compare to the ease of communication and travel we enjoy today. It’s amazing that moments after I hit the send button, hundreds of you will be able to read this. Or that Thursday night I preached my final message at Mount Hermon Conference Center in California and 48 hours later I was being kissed on both cheeks by dozens of friends here in Jordan. If the first century was the fullness of time or the ideal moment for Jesus to come, then surely our moment in time is the ideal time to finish the task of global evangelism and discipleship.

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Those theoretical thoughts are about to get very real as our conference begins. There are over 50 delegates here from 12 nations eager to be trained to teach our new course on the life of Simon Peter called “Chiseled: Becoming the Masterpiece God Designed You to Be.” Then a few days later they’ll take this new tool home to Egypt, Pakistan, Iraq, Algeria, Morocco, Kurdistan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, and even the USA. It’s humbling to realize that a gathering like this would have been impossible relatively few years ago. What an honor to be alive right now. And what a sacred responsibility to make sure we leverage the advantages of globalization to fulfill God’s eternal agenda. So keep praying. Wahid is resting comfortably in anticipation of his hernia surgery tomorrow. Keep watching for more updates because our team has some amazing stories to share with you!

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