For Youth Pastors & Leaders

YW is a monthly devotional-discipleship magazine for students designed to help them get to know God through His Word.

YW is a hybrid—it's part magazine, part devotional. Each monthly magazine contains 4 to 5 weeks of topical devotionals, and each week contains 5 individual devotionals. Along with the devos (that's YW lingo), there are artist interviews, editorial pieces, and articles throughout the magazine that supplement the devos.

To get an idea of what YW is like, check out a sample.

Also, take a look at YW's mission statement and statement of faith.

How can you use YW with your group?

Buy YW in bulk for your group and then use it in one of these ways:

  • Hand YW out to each one of your students. Say: "Hey, I know we talk a lot about getting to know God more through what He has said in the Bible. YW is a great magazine to help you do that."
  • Use YW as curriculum. Download the free Discussion Guides (on the right of this page) to give you what you need to lead a youth group/Sunday school/small group meeting based on the weekly devo topics in YW. (It's also a great way to equip youth volunteers and student leaders.)
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