Group Discounts for YW

order bulkWe're so excited that you're interested in ordering YW for your group!

Here's how a group subscription works:

Once you order YW, the magazines you ordered will be delivered to you on a monthly basis. You will receive an invoice along with your magazines each month. When you receive your invoice you can choose to automatically pay on a credit card on a monthly basis, or you can make monthly payments via check and snail-mail when you receive your invoice each month. Feel free to increase or decrease your order as needed!

Not interested in bulk ordering?

We also offer individual subscriptions to YW.

What else comes with a subscription?

YW also comes with a FREE downloadable Discussion Guide with each issue. (Free! WOOHOO!) So if you'd like to lead a small group or a Bible study based on the topics you're reading about in YW, the Discussion Guide is available as a PDF download.

So, there you have it! Order YW today for your group! If you ever have any problems with your subscription, please call 800.877.5539.

Thanks for stepping into the journey with us!

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