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Read through the New Testament in a year
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Closer Walk will guide you on a life-changing journey through the New Testament in one year.

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Enjoy timeless insights from great teachers of the faith as you journey through the New Testament. Closer Walk's daily readings are designed to lead you into a closer, more satisfying walk with God. At the end of one year you will have read the New Testament at an easy, manageable pace. But more than that, you will find your relationship with the Lord deepening as you spend time meditating on His Word.

Closer Walk is ideal for personal devotional and Scripture reading and reflection, and is also great for small groups, Sunday school classes and outreach. Learn more about our Bulk subscription options--see the Bulk tab for details.

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  • Frequency: Bi-Monthly (each issue contains two months of devotions)
  • Translaction: NKJV
  • Publisher: Walk Thru the Bible
  • Editor/Writer: Walk Thru the Bible
  • Language: English
  • Trim Size: 5.4375 x 8.25
  • Pages: 68 per issue
  • Interior: 2 color
  • Font: 11pt 
  • Also Available--Free Companion Bible Reading Plan

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*Closer Walk is published bi-monthly. Each issue contains 2 months of devotionals. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for your subscription to begin. If you would like to receive a current issue immediately, call 800-877-5539.

Bulk Orders

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What's a Bulk Order? 

You may order multiple copies of the same magazine or mix and match titles of our five devotional magazines. There are two types of bulk orders. You may order a One-time Bulk Order by calling 1.800.877.5539 or create a Standing Bulk Order that will continue until you cancel the order (you can modify the quantity and title mix at any time!).

7 Reasons to Order Devotionals in Bulk

  • Small group studies—adults and students
  • Sunday school lessons/discussions—with daily readings throughout the entire week
  • Ministry outreach—food bank bag insert, college campus ministry, mission trips (use for team devotionals and then leave behind to provide God's Word to those you've served.)
  • Guest services give-away
  • Retreats—students, women, men, and couples.
  • Special services—hand out at Easter, Mothers Day, Father's Day, and Christmas.
  • And more!

Bulk Order Details

One-Time Bulk Order: 

    • The order is a one-time order and will not recur
    • Mix and match any combination of titles 
    • Minimum order of 5 copies or more
    • See pricing below
    • Place a One-Time Bulk Order--call 1.800.877.5539

Standing Bulk Order:

    • The order will continue until canceled
    • Mix and match any combination of titles 
    • Minimum order of 5 copies or more
    • Quantities and the mix of titles may be modified at any time by contacting Customer Service 
    • See pricing below
    • Place a Standing Bulk Order  


Pricing Example: If you ordered 10 copies of Daily Walk and 40 copies of Tapestry, your cost per copy for both titles would be at the 50-99 tier due to the total quantity being ordered. Per the chart below, your cost for the 10 copies of Daily Walk is $.99 each and your cost for the 40 copies of Tapestry is $1.19 each. So your total cost is (10 x $.99= $9.99) + (40 x $1.19= $47.60) + Handling of $3.50 = A Total Order of $61.09.

# of Copies Daily Walk Closer Walk Tapestry   indeed       YW    
500+ .84 1.67 1.06 1.67 .84
 100-499  .89  1.78  1.09  1.78  .89
 50-99  .99  1.90  1.19  1.90  .99
 30-49  1.09  2.04  1.29  2.04 1.09
 20-29  1.29  2.54  1.49  2.54  1.29
 10-19  1.59  2.74  1.79  2.74  1.59
5*-9 1.74 2.89 1.94 2.89 1.74







*Minimum order is 5 copies.

  • Shipping is included in the pricing above.
  • There is a $3.50 handling fee per order. 
  • Closer Walk and indeed magazines are bi-monthly (each issue contain 2 months of devotionals). 
  • Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for your first shipment to arrive. If you would like to receive a current issue immediately, call 800-877-5539.

Still have questions about Bulk Devotional Magazines? Call 1.800.877.5539


Custom Devotional Magazines

Make a lasting impact on people's lives--customize Closer Walk or any of our devotional magazines for your ministry or organization! Customized devotionals are a fantastic way to reach people with your message and God's Word! 

Reach people with customized devotionals:

  • Adult and student outreach
  • Gift for visitors or new church members
  • Small group or Sunday school resource
  • Mission trip leave-behind 
  • Donor relations
  • Hospital or elder care outreach
  • Staff or team gift 

Customization Options  

We offer two flexible customization options to suit your ministry needs.

1. Level I Customization

    • Outside front cover: Customized magazine title and logo of your choice
    • Outside front gate-fold (flap): Personalized ministry letter (per issue)
    • Outside back cover: Content or artwork of your choice
    • Interior Return Envelope (BRE): Customized message to your readers

2. Level II Customization

    • Outside front cover: Customized magazine title and logo of your choice
    • Outside front gate-fold (flap): Personalized ministry letter (per issue)
    • Outside back cover: Content or artwork of your choice
    • Interior Return Envelope (BRE): Customized message to your readers
    • PLUS Inside front cover: Content or artwork of your choice
    • PLUS Inside front gate-fold (flap): Content of your choice (e.g. Calendar of Events, special event details, other messaging)
    • PLUS Inside back cover: Content or artwork of your choice 

Interested in customizing a devotional magazine? Contact Us


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When you begin an individual or gift subscription, you'll have the option to enroll in the Auto Renewal Service. It's an easy and convenient way to ensure your favorite devotional magazine automatically renews for the same term and at the lowest renewal price! With the Auto Renewal Service, your devotional magazine will be extended automatically before it expires, thereby providing you with a no-hassle renewal. To add auto-renewal to your new or current subscription, call 800.877.5539.

  1. Worry-free: Your favorite devotional magazine will be renewed automatically. You won't receive multiple renewal notices to remind you to continue your subscription. It's done automatically with seamless delivery of your magazine to your front door.
  2. Saves time: We do all the work for you! You will receive an Auto Renewal Service postcard and you'll be automatically charged the lowest rate available through Walk Thru the Bible to renew your devotional magazine subscription.
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Customer Service

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Customer Service

Contact Us for assistance with and of the following:

  • Individual or Gift Print Subscriptions
  • Bulk Subscriptions
  • Customized Devotionals
  • Back Issues
  • Purchase a single copy

Billing Issues

You may have received an invoice or renewal notice after you have sent your payment. We make every effort to prevent this from happening; however, sometimes your response and our letters get crossed in the mail. If you receive a notice from us within 10 days of mailing your payment, simply ignore it. If you receive several notices, it is possible that we did not receive your payment, and you should contact customer service. Please call 800.877.5539. 

Privacy Policy 

If you should have any questions about subscriber privacy, please review our our Privacy Policy online.


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