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The Keyword Learning SystemTM Coloring Book Reprint License DOES NOT GRANT PERMISSION to duplicate and distribute the PRINTED and bound OT39 Coloring Book or NT27 Coloring Book, which are sold separately.

The Licensing Fee is required to obtain the special PDF file which contains the OT39 and NT27 Keyword Learning System Coloring Book REPRINT VERSION. The Keyword Learning System Coloring Book REPRINT VERSION contains a specific reprint rights clause in the footer of each printable page as well as additional information as required by the License.

The Keyword Learning System Coloring Book REPRINT VERSION is available only to churches, schools, homeschool organizations, and youth camps for teaching purposes. The License may be purchased only by an organization and may not be held by an individual. The Agreement provides limited reprint permission in accordance with the specifics as stated in the Licensing Agreement.

To Purchase the Licensing Agreement and Receive the Reprint File Download the Licensing Agreement then complete, sign and email or fax the Agreement (see bottom of Agreement). Once the Agreement has been received you will be contacted to complete the payment and arrange for the transmission of the PDF file. 

Questions: Call 1.800.361.6131 to speak with customer service.


The Keyword Learning System Coloring Book Reprint Version is provided via a PDF file. The PDF will be delivered electronically upon receipt of the signed Agreement and payment confirmation. The file contains:

  • OT39 (Old Testament) black and white illustration coloring pages with the descriptions on the back of each illustration. Each page contains the authorizing reprint rights.
  • NT27 (New Testament) black and white illustration coloring pages with the descriptions on the back of each illustration. Each page contains the authorizing reprint rights.
  • Key Word Answer Key and Memory Verses for both the OT39 and NT27 series. 
  • Copy of the Licensing Agreement Terms and Conditions

Product Details

  • Files Type: PDF
  • Publisher: Walk Thru the Bible Ministries, Inc.
  • Author/Writer: Walk Thru the Bible
  • Publication Date: October 2013
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: n/a
  • Trim Size: 8.5 x 11
  • Pages: 139

Licensing Fee


The Licensing Fee is based on the number of users of the material. The License is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Should the number of users change when the license is renewed, the renewal fee will be adjusted accordingly. Select the payment tier that represents the number of users/students that will utilize the material during the initial 12 months of the License:

Number of Users/Students Licensing Fee
1 to 25 $ 59 per year
26 to 50 $ 79 per year
51 to 200 $ 99 per year
201 to 500 $ 149 per year
501 to 999 $ 199 per year

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