quote-marks Our church family really loved the Walk Thru the Old Testament. It far exceeded our expectations. The day was exciting and the trainer did a great job. Now many of us are engaged in the God's Grand Story study and are excited about what we are learning.—Dan Thornton, Pastor, Maranatha Brethren Church,Hagerstown, MD
 quote-marks The live event was probably the best, deepest, and simplest teaching I have ever received in my 32 years as a Christian. I would recommend and endorse this for any church, denomination, or individual. Fantastic! Pastor Steve Dixon, Freedom Fellowship
quote-marks Wow! To God be the Glory! That's about all I can say about today's Walk Thru the Bible OT Live Event that we held today. I should back up and say that our Board of Christian Education originally thought we would be lucky to get 50 people to sign up for this, but we went full steam ahead and really talked it up and managed to create quite the buzz about this event. We were blessed to have had 97 people in attendance today and let me tell you, when Dale got them to blast out the name MOSES, the rafters shook (well almost). It was a pleasure to work with Dale and Patty on this project. They are a blessing to your organization and to the congregations that they serve. I couldn't believe how quickly the time passed and how well Dale held not only their attention, but their thirst for what he was going to say and do next. We had all ages from 5th grade – sr. citizens taking part. The response was overwhelmingly positive, excited, thrilled to be part of the day and now looking forward to the GGS bible study. Thank you for making this great ministry available to us. Keep up the good work! God's blessings on future events! —Donita Auxter, Grace Lutheran Church, Monroe, MI
quote-marks I enjoyed seeing all of you on Saturday! (missed you, Amanda) Thanks for all you did; everything was really special. What a great way to spend a Saturday. I haven't stopped talking about Walk Thru the Bible! It's fun to "show & tell" with the motions. When you host Walk Thru the NT, count us in, hopefully with several friends. Pastor Bob, you did not exaggerate a bit - WTTB was tremendous. Thanks for encouraging me to attend. Truly an unforgettable experience! God bless you, Pam Mech
quote-marks I want to know that your seminar far surpassed my expectations. I honestly had only expected to come away "knowing" more about the Old Testament, but was wonderfully surprised to find out that all the way the through you had incorporated a need for Christ in our lives - that is the completion of God's story. Fantastic! I am still amazed at the effectiveness of the method of delivery of the "Old Testament". I mean little ones engaged for the entire duration of more than 4 hours! That is a miracle! Praise God! I am going to strongly encourage my church to consider hosting another event! —T. Simpson, Calgary, Canada
quote-marks My church experienced one of the most beneficial opportunities of our years in ministry. Little did we know that God would use this ministry to change lives, alter attitudes, and inspire hearts. We found ourselves captivated. The Old Testament live event renewed the interest of our people to immerse themselves in the Word of God. It is every pastor's hope and goal that his people would desire for themselves that constant impute of the Word of God into their life. Walk Thru the Bible provides one of the proven methods for accomplishing that goal in an exciting way. – Senior Pastor, Dr. Tony Evans, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship
quote-marks I heartily recommend the Old Testament live event to any church or pastor. Some of our people remarked that for the first time they understood how the events of the Old Testament time period were connected, and finally knew where all the characters fit into the flow of biblical history. Our congregation was so excited about this seminar, that we have already scheduled the New Testament live event for next year! – Senior Pastor Kenneth C. Larson, Redeemer Evangelical Covenant Church
quote-marks The ultimate question is "would we do it again?" Well, at our planning session for next year, we decided to schedule the New Testament event for next spring! –Jerry Porter, Peachtree Corners Church of Christ
quote-marks The history of this "walk" has changed our future! After the Walk Thru the Old Testament live event, two weekly Bible studies began. And now when the congregation hears the words from Matthew 22:37, they have a more complete understanding. The members of Second Presbyterian Church are richer than one year ago. Thank you! -Pastor Stanley J. Gruneich
quote-marks "Even though I went to seminary, this has really put it all together for me! Thank you! A great job!" –B. Lynes
quote-marks I cannot say enough about the energetic, fun, and informational way the Old Testament came together for so many people in our congregation! This was a fun and exciting time and they cannot wait to go through the New Testament live event. –Pastor Brian Siken, Temple Baptist Church
quote-marks "The Walk Thru the Old Testament live event was truly outstanding! It really helped to put all the pieces together. Now when a lesson is preached, I know I will be able to make the connections and it will help me grow in the Word. Thank you!" - S. Steele
quote-marks "The instructor did a great job sharing Truth mixed with fun and entertainment. He told the stories in a memorable way. Thanks for reminding us that every story whispers Jesus' name." –A. Weems
quote-marks "This seminar has inspired me to read more of the Bible. I now have a better understanding of what the various books of the Bible mean. Thank you!" -J. Austin

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