teaching-with-style logoCan you imagine falling asleep in the presence of God? It seems ridiculous, and yet we all know some preachers who teach about Him and seem to have mastered the skill of driving their audience to slumber—even when they are teaching about some of the most exciting stories in the Bible. On the other hand, there are others who could teach genealogies and make them come alive and be exciting every time.

Recognizing this, Teaching with Style will challenge your leaders, teachers, and anyone else who wants to improve their communication skills. This unique, thought-provoking seminar will teach participants how to communicate God's Word in God's way. When they completely grasp the seminar concepts and incorporate them into their lives, their teaching will improve dramatically—regardless of how good it was before. They'll learn how to make God's style their style in every situation.

Overcome attitudes that undermine your effectiveness

As the Israelites attacked the giants of Canaan, this seminar attacks the giant, negative attitudes that destroy people's ability to communicate effectively:

  • Intimidation—"When I'm teaching, I don't take many risks."
  • Inhibition—"I've been doing it this way for a long time. Why change now?"
  • Indifference—"It doesn't really matter what I say or do. These folks are just waiting to go home and turn on the TV anyway."

Cultivate the heart behind the message

Teaching with Style will help leaders discover that their effectiveness as teachers ultimately depends upon such critical factors as how much they love those they teach, the integrity with which they present the message, and their dependence upon the Holy Spirit to guide them as they speak.

Develop a connection with your audience

People prefer listening to those they like; conversely, they often find it difficult listening to those they don't like. Therefore, those taking this seminar will learn what is involved in helping audiences accept them and what they teach. They will learn:

  • To project integrity, genuineness and enthusiasm.
  • To find the right mix between humility and assertiveness.
  • How to use entertainment and humor appropriately.
  • How to shed stiffness and become more natural with their audience.

I just wanted to write you to say THANK YOU! After attending your Teaching with Style event last year my whole style of teaching has completely changed. I can't tell you the number of people in my Sunday School class that have come up to me in the past year and told me that they like "my style" of teaching and how much it has helped them understand God's word more clearly. I honestly can't wait to teach Sunday School each month. I attribute this excitement to the 5 hour presentation you gave on "Teaching with Style". Thank you for doing such an incredible job on this subject and encouraging me to "teach with style". --Stan Parker, Second Baptist Houston, TX

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Learn the secrets of creative communication

There are many methods of communication, and Teaching with Style reveals valuable secrets for using each method well. For example, Jesus already knew all the answers; but He seemed to be the person who asked the most questions. Learn how to incorporate or improve the "Socratic method" in your teaching style; and by the end of the day, you'll know how to use time-tested methods to improve your audience's learning dramatically. If there's one word which describes how participants feel at the end of the day, that word would have to be accomplished. They'll feel like they've gained more in these few hours than through any other experience in years.

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