Instructor FAQ

Who can become an instructor? Do I need any special skills or training?

"Teaching Walk Thru the Old and New Testaments is like giving someone the key to a treasure chest that they have always owned but never realized the blessings that exist inside."
- Rev. Randy Osborn

Our instructors are a very special group of people who are passionate about God's Word and passionate about igniting that passion in others. They are people who have sound biblical knowledge and are experienced teachers or speakers.

Are you:

  • passionate about God's Word?
  • an experienced Bible teacher (with either adults or children)?
  • a gifted and enthusiastic teacher?
  • willing to attend our instructor training program?

If that sounds like you, continue reading to learn more...

Why should I become an instructor?

Introducing someone to a life-changing relationship with God through His Word is a very special opportunity. Time and time again, people who attend our live events tell us what a difference it made in their understanding of the Bible and, ultimately, in their understanding of, and relationship with, God Himself.

What are the benefits to you? You can:

  • add a powerful tool to your ministry
  • increase your reach by expanding your audience
  • enhance and further your mission of making disciples
  • join a global network of Walk Thru the Bible teachers
  • earn supplemental income

What will I teach? Who will I teach? Where will I teach?

We offer a variety of live events and need instructors for all of them. Check out our instructor training schedule to find out what trainings we are offering this year.

As an instructor you will be trained to teach in churches and Christian schools. For example, you'll start locally with churches averaging less than 500 people in worship attendance or Christian schools with student bodies of less than 500. Once you have more experience, you can qualify to teach in larger crowds throughout the U.S.

After being trained, most of our instructors start with their own church and go from there. We recommend networking close to home with your local pastor, Christian leaders, and friends when you first begin teaching our live events.

Don't worry—all of this will be covered at Instructor Training. We promise not to leave you to do this all on your own!

How do I sign up?

The first step is reading through this Instructor FAQ information. Then check the training schedule to see what training programs are currently being offered. After deciding what live event you want to teach, register for our Instructor Training Program by completing the Instructor Interest Form. Once we receive your completed form, we'll email you with more details.

Get started now!

How are instructors trained?

Our instructors spend four and a half days with us at our headquarters in Atlanta, GA. This is a highly interactive and fun weekend spent with other people who are as excited about teaching God's Word as you are.

During training, you'll learn:

  • the principles of being a great teacher, including the best ways to connect with an audience and keep them engaged.
  • how to teach your event—you'll learn everything there is to know about your event—the ins, outs, and in betweens!
  • sales and promotion techniques—we'll train you on how to market your event and resource you with all the tools you'll need for success.

When is training? Where is training?

We offer trainings two times a year at our headquarters in Atlanta, GA. Review the schedule.

How do instructors work with churches to schedule events?

Each of our instructors is trained to work independently to schedule live events throughout their community. During training, we'll talk about marketing and promotional strategies as well as the best process for scheduling events.

How much income can I make as an Associate Instructor with Walk Thru the Bible?

The amount of income you can make as an Associate Instructor with Walk Thru the Bible is based on the attendance at the event. Generally speaking, most Associate Instructors who schedule their own events make between $700 to $1200 per event. Attendance is the major factor in actual income, but the minimum income for any size event starts at $550. A detailed explanation will be provided at instructor training.

How much will it cost me to become an Associate Instructor with Walk Thru the Bible?

Review the Instructor Training Costs

What is my next step to becomming a Walk Thru the Bible Live Event Instructor?

Get started today.  Fill out the Instructor Training Interest Form

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