Are You an Ostrich?


Esther’s Hebrew name was Hadassah, but her Persian name was Esther. She was a Jewish girl raised by her uncle, Mordecai. In the story of Esther, we read about a massive banquet and the emotional extremes of King Xerxes. Indeed, other historical records confirm these events, backing up the accuracy of the Scriptures.

Today, Jews remember Esther’s actions each year at the Feast of Purim when the whole story of Esther is recounted with loud noises and exuberance. We can all empathize with Esther’s hesitancy to get involved in a huge political issue that could have resulted in her losing her life. She could have buried her head in the sand, but the Jewish people are ever thankful that she refused. Because of her actions, she saved God’s people from the murderous plot of Haman.

IT’S OFTEN DIFFICULT TO STEP FORWARD AS A VOLUNTEER, especially when life is going to our satisfaction. But the body of Christ, the church, has a great mission and is always in need of people to step out in faith. Very few of us respond to God’s calls in our lives the first time, but so many times when we respond to Him we wonder why we waited. So is it time to step out for God today? We will benefit, and so will the Kingdom of God.

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