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Reaching Oral Learners in Mexico

reaching-oral-learnersHigh in the western sierra of Mexico, the Tarahumara people have lived for centuries without any written language. Many of them have never even lived with electricity. But quite a few have walked through the Bible.

That's because the Walk Thru the Old Testament and Walk Thru the New Testament events involve no reading or note-taking. Though they are great for any audience, regardless of education level, they appeal to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear. Through oral presentations and audience responses, both verbal and kinetic, the story of scripture comes alive powerfully and memorably.

One instructor recently led a gathering of Tarahumara through the story of Jesus' raising of Jairus' daughter and followed the teaching with the message of salvation and a prayer for the healing of those who were sick. Some have been healed in the past, and many have received Christ. On this day, several became followers of Jesus, affirmed their faith, or received prayer, expressing a commitment to continue in what they have learned.

In the marshes of Brazil's Amazon and Pantanal regions are many indigenous groups that, like the Tarahumara, are primarily oral learners. Some tribes along the rivers are almost inaccessible, either because of the surrounding geography or regional policies that prohibit new mission groups from working there. But the Bible is still being taught there. Strategic partnerships with existing ministries extend Walk Thru the Bible's reach further than that of most organizations.

So does the nature of the Walk Thru approach. It gives people a reliable and lasting grasp of biblical stories and teachings regardless of their background. The method is inexpensive and effective, allowing instructors to reach people groups that perhaps have been evangelized but may not have received much instruction in discipleship.

Of course, the work of Caminata Biblica, as Walk Thru the Bible is known throughout much of Latin America, is much more diverse than simply reaching hard-to-reach oral learners. The main focus, from Mexico to Argentina, is offering established churches and other organizations the events and teaching materials that will spark passion for the Word, energize congregations, revitalize marriages and families, and strengthen leaders to lead more effectively. In each of these areas, whether in rural mountains or thriving cities, the Word is changing lives.

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