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A Hunger for Training

hunger-for-trainingHundreds of pastors lined the lobby of the Managua hotel waiting expectantly for the teaching to begin. Some had already spent two hours on a bumpy bus ride to get there. Each one clutched his course manual tightly, hoping to mine fresh ideas and insights out of them to take back to their churches.

One among the crowd is the pastor of a church an hour outside the city, though he also supervises 20 churches in the Managua area. He is older than most of his peers and longing to rest from the hundreds of miles he travels each week, but he hasn't been able to find a qualified replacement. Conferences like this one on the life of Joseph—Detour in English, Caminata Atraves in Spanish—not only cultivate new leaders; they renew his strength to serve the Lord as long as he can.

One well-dressed pastor could pass for a prominent businessman, but his church is an inner-city refuge from domestic violence, incest, drug abuse, and crime. Hundreds of children come each day to escape the fear and despair outside. Detour's message on overcoming circumstances is exactly what he needed to hear—and to teach his people. Many of them live in between God's promises and their fulfillment, where a big-picture perspective is not only helpful; it's a survival skill. In many places in Nicaragua, like everywhere else, the message of a faithful God is needed daily.

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