Stories of Impact

And I Said Yes


STEP INTO THE STORY by John Houchens, Senior Vice President, Global Operations

Their names are Cornelius and Emmanuel and they soaked up every word. I don't mean every other word. Or 9 words out of 10. I mean every-single-solitary-word.

They are from Pakistan. A country in the news. A lot. A country of Muslims. A country of oppression. A country of poverty and politics. Of the 150 million Pakistanis (not including the 10 million Afghan refugees), 10 million claim Christianity as their faith. Like Cornelius and Emmanuel they are oppressed by the Muslim majority. Most live in great poverty because of it.

They cornered me at lunch and begged. I don't mean "asked". I mean begged. Pleaded. Implored. "Please come to Pakistan. We do not have any teaching resources like this. Please." If they said it one time they said it ten times. "We don't have anything like this. Please. Can we have a conference like this? Please. We can pay something."

And I said "How many will come?"

And they said "As many as you want."

I am embarrassed with the number of Bible study resources we have in America. I am embarrassed I don't take more advantage of them. I am embarrassed I don't share them. From now on, whenever I walk into a Christian bookstore and peruse the shelves for just the right resource, and see all of those titles in English, I will think to myself "I am a glutton". And the only thing that can take my embarrassment away is to push back from the table of gluttony and pass the plate.


And I said "Yes."

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