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resources-that-change-livesDaphne felt abandoned. She was going through a divorce and dealing with the devastation of broken dreams. Her family lived several states away, and trying to raise her two children alone seemed like an immense challenge every single day. The loss, the betrayal, the brokenness—it was almost too much to bear.

Daphne came across a devotional from YW magazine that spoke directly to the turmoil in her heart. It spoke of trusting God, of knowing how He holds His children even when their world is shaking, of believing that He will give all the strength anyone needs for any challenge, no matter how intimidating and overwhelming those challenges look. She cut the devotional out of the magazine, put it in the front of her Bible, and reads it at night before she goes to bed to prepare her heart for the next day. It has convinced her that God speaks to her deepest needs and carries her through life's most difficult times.

Hundreds of thousands of people read Walk Thru the Bible devotionals every day, though many may not know it. That's because devotional magazines published by Lifeway Christian Resources and many other ministries are actually produced by Walk Thru the Bible and then distributed through those ministries' channels. They reach into churches, hospitals, prisons, schools, and, of course, homes. And they reach many who have never before seriously or regularly explored God's Word.

Chuck used to struggle with studying the Bible, but he found Daily Walk magazine to be a transforming study aid and has read through the Bible using that guide every year for more than 20 years. That wasn't his first introduction to Walk Thru the Bible, however. His two-decade "fascination with God's Word" really began when he attended a live event in 1990 and got excited that the Old Testament finally made sense to him. Countless others like him have found one of the Thru the Bible events paired with a devotional reading plan afterward to be their entryway into the truths of scripture and a deeper understanding of the heart of God.

That's one reason Walk Thru the Bible has been developing more extensive follow-up resources to the live events. Story Thru the Bible is a 52-session guide through key stories of scripture designed for small groups and/or family devotional times. Based on an oral-learning approach to scripture (and the approach often used in scripture, as when Jesus taught with stories), it's simple to use and powerful to experience. One grandfather has led three of his grandchildren to Christ through discussions prompted by the end-of-story questions.

New devotional Bibles—The Great Rescue Bible for students and adults and three Once a Day Bibles that guide readers through scripture in traditional or chronological order—add to the options for event attendees who want to go deeper into the Word. And 90 Days Thru the Bible, a devotional overview of scripture, draws readers into the major themes of scripture and how each book of the Bible relates to God's epic story of making His nature and His presence known among His creation.

When live events and follow-up Thru the Bible resources are experienced in conjunction with each other, they make a life-changing impact. In Colorado, for example, some passionate readers of the Daily Walk Bible helped spark church-wide movements to read through, preach through, and live out God's Word by using live events and printed materials hand-in-hand. But the events themselves frequently provide the initial encounter that sparks an irresistible interest in God's revelation of Himself in scripture.

That encounter is a family affair in Ontario, where parents and grandparents often see their children grasping the biblical story quicker than they do during weekend events. Children, older students, and adults to participating in skits together comfortably is an unexpected sight, but all seem to enjoy hamming it up with dramatic flair as they reenact scenes from scripture. Churches have gotten a fresh vision for children's ministry through such experiences, and adults have been challenged commit to ongoing Bible-reading plans.

Events are making a difference in Florida prisons too, where John Starnes regularly leads inmates through the Bible and hears testimonies of changed lives from the event. Many people going through difficult times find meaning and purpose when they realize that their life story, which may have seemed random and tragic, can become a rich and rewarding part of God's greater story.

So events and resources continue to aim at drawing people into that story. For the first time in 17 years, key instructors from around the country gathered in Atlanta last year to fellowship, learn from each other, and familiarize themselves with upgrades in the materials. Graphics and teaching aids for Old and New Testament events have been updated, including the development of OT39, a keyword learning system that helps users remember the names and major themes of every book in the Bible. Student versions of those events continue to expand and reach youth with biblical truth in ways that are relevant to them and the issues they face. The creation of a powerful teaching series on biblical character is in full swing, with one course just released and several more in planning and production.

Alone, any of these events or resources can change a life. Together, they can spark a movement. In any case, they cultivate a passion for the Word that can't be quenched.

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