Country: Philippines

Description: The Philippines is a country rich in culture and history. With a population of over 88 million people living on more than 7,000 islands, the country is facing the challenges of increasing population and growing Muslim influence.

Atty. Fetan and his team are committed to igniting a passion for God's Word throughout this nation by reaching out to two main groups: church pastors and leaders and children through school teachers and parents.

Regional Director: Atty. Federico Tancongco
Atty. Federico Primavera Tancongco is a lawyer and investment banker whose present practice and professorial load is focused on banking, taxation, trusts, securities, corporation law and governance. He is currently a First Vice President of Banco De Oro, the number 1 bank in the Philippines, as the Head of four departments (Legal Department, Compliance Department, Anti Money Laundering Department and Corporate Secretariat). He is a product of Ateneo de Cagayan Grade School, La Salle Greenhills High School, De la Salle University (AB Philosophy and Letters) and University of the Philippines College of Law (Bachelor of Laws).

Atty. Fetan, formerly a Catholic acolyte, has been a Christian since 1974. He had a heavily evangelistic exposure with Campus Crusade for Christ, he served as Youth Pastor, and over the years since 1981 served in the Board of Elders of different churches, and served as Chairman of the Conservative Baptist Seminary for Asia, the training arm of Conservative Baptists Association of the Philippines, for 5 years. He conducted seminars for Churches (titles include Biblical Eldership, Corporate Governance for Non Profits, Christian Values and surviving the Financial Crisis) and preached for the last 20 years (committed to expository preaching). He is presently the Pulpit Pastor at Faith Christian Fellowship where he has been an elder and three times Chairman since 1989. He also serves as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Walk Thru the Bible Philippines.

He and his wife, Del, have been blessed with three gifted children: Miguel, Carlo and Patricia.


Quote: "The only way that you can really change the social illnesses in a society is when the hearts of men are changed. And it is only the power of God's Word that can change the hearts of the people."

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