1. What are CEUS and how are they used to meet some of the ACSI certification requirements?
Continuing Education Units are earned by participating in professional development.  Some of the requirements in biblical or professional studies can be met using CEUS.  The credit evaluation form that you will receive with your certificate will indicate which of the certification requirements may be met with CEUS.

2. Is there more than one type of CEU?
Yes, CEU certificates must indicate whether they are for professional studies or biblical studies.  These two types of CEUS are not interchangeable.

3. How many hours of in-class instruction are required for a CEU?
Six hours of direct instruction are required for one CEU.  Study assignments, reading, writing and research time are not included in the required six hours.

Note:  How does that translate into Video viewing?  That means if a video Bible curriculum is 4.5 hours long, in order for it to be used as a CEU credit, there must be 1.5 hours of planned discussion on the content in that specific class.

4. How do I know whether an in-service activity is recognized by ACSI for CEU's?
A list of providers approved by ACSI is kept in the certification department.  These providers issue a certificate to each participant.  Applicants should verify the approval of a CEU provider before participation.

5. What must be on the certificate?

  • Legal name of participant (as recorded on file with ACSI)
  • Title of in-service date (s) and location of continuing education program
  • ASCI CEU approval number ( or CEU course number)
  • Number of CEUS awarded ( only whole numbers)
  • Name and Address of school/organization
  • Whether the CEUS are in Biblical studies or educational studies
  • Total Hours of Instruction
  • Name of Presenter
  • Signature of either presenter or CEU Coordinator (must be signed by administrator or chairperson if CEU is for presenter or coordinator.

6. Can CEU activities be provided by a school or individual?
Both if they have been approved by ACSI.

7. Can CEUS be post-dated and credit issued?
No, only classes taken for CEU with an ACSI provider already approved at the time of the class are accepted.

8. Can a CEU be granted for experience such as teaching Sunday School, sponsoring an activity, or going on a mission trip?
No, these experiences are valuable, but they are not formal professional development training.  Experiences that are normative for an individual in a teaching or administrative role are not classified as CEUS.

9. Can CEUS be used to get an initial ACSI certificate?
Yes, for meeting the initial Biblical requirements, CEUS are accepted.  They are not accepted, however for the professional studies requirements for an initial certificate.

10. How does a school or an individual become an ACSI recognized provider?
Organizational recognition is for 5 years.  The application, with the $100 fee, is sent to ACSI for approval.  Individual recognition is by application and a $25 fee.

11. Can an approved individual transfer that approval to others to instruct a class?
No, any individual who does that may have his/her ACSI recognition revoked.

12. When an organization is recognized, may different individuals employed by the organization provide classes?
Yes, provided that they are qualified instructors.

13. Does ACSI provide the CEU certificates for providers to use?
No, but with approval as a provider, a model certificate is provided.  Providers may customize the certificates they issue, making sure that all the required information is included.

There is a $10.00 fee to process certification.

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