India Update #4

2017 01 17 1

Thank you, friends—I truly appreciate your partnership through prayer this week. It's been a joy to share some of what God has been doing at our South Asia regional conference in Hyderabad, India. Today I'm going to yield the floor so you can see what things look like through two sets of younger eyes. Enjoy!

2017 01 17 3Hello, we are Josh and Abbey Griffin from Detroit, Michigan. We had the privilege of attending Walk Thru the Bible’s South Asia Conference! Both of our families have supported Walk Thru for our entire lives, and we recently became financial donors and prayer partners with the ministry after we got married three years ago.

This year, we are traveling throughout Europe and Asia and realized we would be in Hyderabad, India the same time as this conference. Phil, Ellen, Sathyabal and Anitha graciously welcomed us to attend the marriage conference.

As soon as we walked in, we were greeted with many smiles and handshakes! We met the pastors and their wives and children from India, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. We heard Phil and Ellen teach godly marital practices and encourage the people in their faith walks. We listened to worship songs led by the different families from each country—praising our one, global God in many languages.

We felt the Holy Spirit moving in the hearts of all of the people there. We saw husbands and wives nudging each other as Phil and Ellen taught this new material. The Tuttles clearly shared the needed Biblical insight for these couples. They called for action to be taken and the couples responded with enthusiasm! The wives shared their true feelings with their husbands (which is very unique in this culture) and learned how to be effective supporters for the ministry. The husbands learned how to listen and care for their wives and prayed over their families for strength and wisdom in how to love them like Christ loves the church. There is no doubt that the ministries represented in that room will be stronger and more effective for Christ because the marriages of the people were challenged and grew deeper!

During the breakout sessions, Ellen encouraged the ladies in their roles as pastors’ wives. One day, she taught the ladies the importance of being mentored by a Christian and mentoring others. Many of the women do not have Christian friends on the field. At the end of her session, Ellen opened the floor for questions and concerns. Several women shared intense burdens with the group. The other women offered advice and prayer for each situation. It was beautiful to see her teaching immediately applied and to witness the women cultivating a network of trust and friendship.

Meanwhile, the men shared their statistical results from 2016. They displayed their numerical goals and actual results for the pastors trained and seminars held over the past year. In 2016, Sathyabal and his team of equippers taught 1.25 million people across South Asia! What’s more, they all set goals of the same numbers or higher for 2017! God is clearly using these families for His Kingdom work!

We heard testimonies of God’s mercy and grace as the people shared about their ministries and about how this marriage conference forever impacted their lives! One man shared:

“I met with a pastor a few months ago and begged him for a marriage conference/class because I needed it badly. I also met with another pastor and told him that I really needed to attend a marriage conference. But the pastors don't think that marriage is an important topic in Hyderabad. When pastor Phil began speaking on Monday, it was like he knew our hearts. He spoke about everything that we needed to hear. These lessons have completely changed our lives and marriage. This is the first time I am with my wife during a lesson. From this course from Pastor Phil and Ellen, we now know how to raise our children and how to be godly spouses. I have not received this kind of teaching from our parents. I am now about to teach other pastors how to live godly marriages and how to raise their children.”

After hearing the stories from these pastors, the joy that they feel, the persecution that they face, and the passion for evangelism that they share, we are proud to be connected to Walk Thru the Bible. Meeting these families has helped us to understand more clearly the vision of Walk Thru and how they are equipping pastors to ignite a passion for God’s Word across the globe!

~Josh and Abbey Griffin

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