Nicaragua Pastors Conference Update

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This conference is underwritten by Charley and Mary Anne Babcock and their church, Harborside Christian, in Clearwater, FL led by Kurt and Danita Parker. The Babcocks and Parkers have been loyal Walk Thru partners for a long time, but it's only in the last five years that they've connected our ministry with this amazing group of pastors.

This is my fourth time here, and Alejandro and Victor, our Honduran leaders, attend all three conferences across Nicaragua each year. Every time I come I'm amazed by the hunger and gratitude of these faithful pastors.

Last October at our Live the Word donor conference, Charley heard some new talks I am developing on the life of Barnabas and said, "You have to come share these truths with our pastors in Nicaragua." My schedule was pretty crowded, but Charley insisted, "You have no idea how much these massages are needed there."

Real Repentance Is

Always The Result

Of Prayer...

Lots Of Prayer.

So here I am, and all I can say is "Charley was right."

Sometimes when you teach, a holy hush falls over the room. Nobody fidgets. Nobody coughs. It doesn't even seem like anyone is breathing. That has happened several times during our Barnabas sessions.

Occasionally Scripture collides head on with strongholds that are deeply rooted in a specific culture. That's what happened today. I could feel it, but I couldn't explain it. Brenda Rose, the missionary from Harborside who has built this amazing network of pastors, said "As you know, the pastors here often try to destroy each other rather than build each other up." Then it all made sense.

Brenda understands the culture because she has served there for so long. The example of Barnabas, whose name means "Son of Encouragement," was something most had never considered.

Barnabas chose to trust Paul when most early believers were afraid he was just trying to infiltrate the church so he could kill them. Barnabas recognized God's grace at work among the Gentile believers in Antioch when many leaders thought Judaism was the only approved path to knowing Jesus. And Barnabas fought to give John Mark a second chance after he had abandoned Paul and Barnabas during their first missionary journey.

2016 02 18 image 2Because I've been with this group several times they trust me, and they let me apply the scalpel of Scripture to their hearts. The small group discussions were deep and intense. And the pastors who shared their stories and asked me to pray for them are serious about aligning their lives with the example of Barnabas.

Charley was right. These were the right messages for this group at this time.

But proclaiming the right truth only works if that teaching is empowered by love and prayer. That's the part you play in weeks like this. Strongholds aren't torn down by well-constructed outlines, attractive visuals, or culturally-appropriate illustrations. Real repentance is always the result of prayer. Lots of prayer.

So thank you again for partnering with us so that lives, marriages, churches, and even a whole nation can be transformed by the truths of Scripture. And if you think Barnabas connected on a supernatural level, just wait until tomorrow when I tell you about Alejandro and Victor launching God's Grand Story with this amazing group of hungry pastors. Stay tuned and keep praying!

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