Hello from Managua, Nicaragua!

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Hello from 33,000 feet in the air somewhere between Atlanta and Managua, Nicaragua. We'll talk about why I'm going there in a minute, but first let's concentrate on the journey. It's a relatively easy trip of three and a half hours with no connections and only a one hour time change. Hard to believe an international trip can be easier than flying to California.

According to Delta, I've now flown 1,920,562 lifetime miles with them. Those are actual miles, or "butt in seat" miles as they're affectionately known by frequent flyers.

I'll probably hit two million miles later this year and apparently Delta has something special planned when I cross that threshold. But for me, their high quality of service and flawless safety record over the past 28 years is reward enough.

I still remember the first time I flew someplace to teach for Walk Thru the Bible. The year was 1989 and David Hodge, one of our ministry consultants, went out of his way to schedule my sixth Old Testament live event. I was a rookie instructor, and six was the fewest events that would get a person invited back to be trained in the New Testament.

I flew all the way from Bloomington, IL to Barboursville, WV. The pastor picked me up at the airport, breezed through a drive thru, and then insisted I stand next to the chair while his dentist performed an emergency root canal. Little did I know that would be the first of many times a funny thing happened on the way to the church!

That first round trip validated my fragile self esteem and affirmed my newly discovered gift of teaching. I was almost as proud of my frequent flyer card as my seminary diploma!

Nearly three decades later the thrill of air travel is long gone. School buses with wings, that's pretty much all they are.

But the thrill of traveling someplace new to share God's Word hasn't even begun to wane. Our Events department says I've taught over 400 live events in the U.S. How amazing that God has made His presence and power obvious every time without exception.

For the last 20 years, lots of my travel has been international. Rather than teaching a single church family, I more often get to encourage and equip groups of pastors, teachers, or business leaders.

This trip to Managua is that kind of opportunity. Over the next couple days I get to share three messages on the life of Barnabas with 250 pastors and spouses.

This is my fourth time at this amazing gathering sponsored by one of our donor couples and their home church. Our Central American Director from Honduras, Alejandro Oviedo, and our lead Central American trainer, Victor Soto, will present six sessions on God's Grand Story later in the conference.

Please pray for the three of us along with the rest of the team that serves these pastoral couples with such generosity and excellence. I'll try and post an update or two along with some pictures once we get rolling.

Our captain just announced that we're on our final approach to Managua so I better wrap this up. Thanks for traveling with me on this, and so many other adventures through the years. Delta may not have tracked your frequent prayer miles, but according to my calculations, you're heading for diamond medallion again this year.

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Ward 16.02.2016 23:31  
Praying for you Yes No   Great to hear how God continues to open doors. May He speak through you to every person there!  
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warren 16.02.2016 14:46  
never does Yes No   It never does get old telling about the King and His Kingdom...and the role He has for all. Vaya con Dios!!!
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Ginny Walsman 16.02.2016 12:30  
Hi! Yes No   Praying for hearts and lives to be impacted by your God-ordained teaching!!  
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