A Lasting Legacy

Greetings from KLM flight 566 somewhere over the northern part of Africa. By the time you read this, I'll be in Atlanta. Thanks so much for taking this journey with me and praying our global team all the way home.

2015-05-06 image-1Warning: This update is longer than usual, but I'm certain you'll find it worth the read.

On more than one occasion my favorite professor in grad school, Dr. Howard Hendricks, issued a sober warning.

Prof, as we called him, would stare us down with his beady eyes and say, "Someday when I come to evaluate your ministry, don't bother showing me your attendance figures. I'm not going to ask about the size of your budget or the square footage of your building. All I'm going to ask is where are your guys -- the leaders you're equipping to multiply your personal impact and outlive you. That was job one for Jesus, and it better show up at the top of your priority list too."

The threat of that final exam has been lodged in my brain for over 30 years.

In the midst of hectic schedules and competing priorities, that vivid memory has been my North Star. It's helped me say no to good opportunities in favor of the best. And it's brought me back to what matters most when I've been distracted by what feels the most urgent.

The last couple days have been part of the fruit of the vision Prof planted in my brain. Here's what I mean.

As part of our time in Africa our Kenyan Director, Steven Mairori, asked me to help his team launch Crucible, our course on the life of David. They worked hard to bring together about 150 pastors and church leaders for a Friday and Saturday event in Nairobi.

Those of you who know me even a little, know that I love to teach--especially a roomful of influencers. It's the kind of opportunity that makes my heart beat fast and drives me to my knees in prayer.

But this time we decided to do something different. I would teach sessions 2, 4, and 6. Three of our global leaders would teach sessions 1, 3, and 5.

We hoped this would show that this material is easily transferable and motivate a lot of the pastors to sign up for training. It would also show that the truths in Crucible are not just American or African, but biblical. Fully transcending cultures, centuries, personalities, and teaching styles.

Elvis Mvulane from South Africa launched us with a great session on Image vs Character. His passion and fresh insights into cultural details I had read right by reminded me how much more the world of the Bible is like Africa than America.

After I unpacked the theme of Fear vs Faith in session 2, Philip Tutu from Ghana lit up the room with session 3 on Circumstance vs Truth. His fresh transparency pulled all of us into the cave when David passed up the perfect opportunity to eliminate Saul and seize the throne.

Then I taught session 4 on Deception vs Integrity as we explored the account of David and Bathsheba and the great coverup that followed. But something was different. I wasn't tired. And neither was the audience. Even after a long day everyone was locked in, and I sensed unusual power and freedom as I taught.

Even more people showed up Saturday. Sathyabal from India delivered the most insightful presentation of Nathan's confrontation of David I've ever heard. None of us will quickly forget his masterful delivery of session 5 on Arrogance vs Humility. Plus, he even spoke proper British English, much to the delight of the crowd!

Then I finished our day with session 6 on Disappointment vs Expectancy as David processed the news that he would not be allowed to build God's temple. Rather than losing his joy, David devoted himself to set Solomon up for success and transition the vision to the next generation.

2015-05-06 image-2

All in all, the event couldn't have gone better.

Of course, the goal wasn't merely to teach Crucible, but to launch it in Kenya. So how did we do?

Over three dozen pastors and church leaders signed up for training. Others asked Walk Thru Kenya to send someone to teach it in their church. And Steven Mairori laughed his contagious laugh as he said, "That doesn't even count all the pastors who just decided to launch their own sermon series on David starting this Sunday!"

Along the way, we discovered a brilliant new strategy I plan to use in every region each time we launch a new course.

Even though Elvis, Philip, and Sathyabal have been blessed with some great models and mentors through the years, I have a joyful sense of satisfaction that God has allowed me to make a small but significant contribution to their lives and ministries.

So Prof, if you were looking down from Heaven over the weekend, I hope you liked what you saw. Those are three of my guys, and because of your challenge three decades ago, my greatest priority is to equip and empower men and women just like them. They'll serve people I'll never meet, impact places I'll never visit, and likely live in decades I'll never experience.

I hope you're proud of them, Prof, because they're your grandkids--part of the global incarnation of your personal legacy.

Phil Tuttle
Walk Thru the Bible

2015-05-06 image-3

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Roy Savery 01.03.2016 08:53  
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I have been reading Daily Walk from Jan/Feb when Bruce Wilkinsaon was Pres and a Ted Hubbard was the customer.
I am having real trouble getting 5 copies of The Daily Walk on time.
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Ruth Montgomery 18.08.2015 23:59  
Thank You, Prof! Yes No   What a pleasure to support leaders who are leading the people that God loves. Would have been awesome to hear that David/Nathan presentation.  
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Debbie Millette 07.05.2015 20:12  
A Lasting Legacy Yes No   Thank you. This is a beautiful story worth every second it took to read. Your global leaders look like they enjoy teaching too. What a gift to have the cross-cultural insights! Praise God for what He is doing and will do with this course as it is taught across Africa.  
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