Meet the "Class of '58!"

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At least that's what Chae Lee, our East Asia Regional Director calls us.

We were all four born in 1958 so we're within a few months of the same age.

We may be from different continents -- Chae Lee from Korea in Asia, Alex Colombo from Argentina in South America, Philip Tutu from Ghana in Africa, and me from the US -- but we are a band of brothers with one heartbeat.

We've grown up in ministry together, each being stretched by leadership roles much bigger than we ever dreamed of.

We've encouraged each other as husbands and fathers too, navigating several life stages together. And we've rejoiced and grieved together through triumphs and tragedies along the way.

We've shared a rare passion to communicate God's Word effectively no matter what it takes. None of us are content to just present content. We all aim for life change every time we teach, even though we all fall short more often than we wish.

And we've all committed to finish strong over the next couple decades of serving Christ together. Loving accountability is part of our conversations as we ask each other the tough questions about our marriages, egos, finances, and sexual purity. We're committed that there will be no dropouts in the Class of '58.

There's nothing exclusive about our little fraternity. We don't play favorites, and most of our global teammates probably don't even think of us as a group.

But there's something special about belonging the Class of '58. So many leaders become isolated as their influence expands. The Class of '58 has rejected that path. We started together, and we plan to finish together.

The great news is that the Class of '58 is currently accepting applicants for honorary membership. Joining has nothing to do with your birth year and everything to do with your heart's desire. We're looking for some Pauls to lead us, some Barnabases to walk beside us, and some Timothys to pour ourselves into.

Why not found your own chapter with some men or women in your personal sphere of influence? It may just change your life as much as it's changed mine.

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