Where you sit says a lot about what you believe.

At least that's my personal unscientific theory.

Always sitting with the same people or clustering with folks "just like us" shows a lack of comfort and often causes us to miss out on vital new relationships.

Preferring to sit in the middle of a group reveals a person's personality type a lot faster than taking the Myers-Briggs or the DISC inventory.

So what does all this have to do with our Global Consultation (GC) here in Nairobi, Kenya?

Plenty! Here are three powerful pictures that prove my point.

2015-04-22 image-12015-04-22 image-22015-04-22 image-3

Paul Keeys and Bazaks Kovacs have chosen to sit together at every session so far. Paul, who leads our ministry in the UK, is our first second-generation Regional Director. His dad, Cliff, launched our work there, and Paul attended his first Walk Thru the Bible live event as a young boy 31 years ago. Bazaks is from Hungary and this is his first GC. Watching Paul usher Bazaks into our group is encouraging to watch. And seeing Bazaks' fresh enthusiasm reminds all of us how blessed we are to be part of this global family.

A few seats down you'll find Sathyabal from India next to Curnelius from Pakistan. To a casual observer that may seem perfectly logical considering the proximity of their home countries. Wait a minute. Aren't India and Pakistan political enemies struggling to maintain a fragile peace? Precisely. Which is what makes it so thrilling to watch as Sathyabal and Curnelius' brotherhood in Christ trumps their earthly citizenship. Their friendship must make Jesus smile, and I'm guessing he'll find some strategic ways to leverage their supernatural bond to showcase the true power of the Gospel.

The third picture is me next to Grace Awori. Grace leads our ministry in Uganda and is our first female National Director. It can't be easy being the only woman in the room, but Grace lives up to her name in everything she says and does. This is her second GC, and I was delighted when she asked if she could sit next to me. At her first GC she seemed cautious as she no doubt wondered how she'd be accepted. That's no longer a question in her mind or anyone else's, and her joyful presence right next to me shows she is 100% comfortable and now free to fully invest her leadership gifts in our movement.

I hope these pictures pop up in your mind as you're scanning your church auditorium deciding where to sit. Or the next time you walk into a departmental meeting at work. Or even look for a seat at your favorite coffee shop.

Because whether you're in Kenya or Kansas, where you sit really does say a lot about what you believe.

Phil Tuttle
Walk Thru the Bible

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