Nicaragua Update #2

God Loves a Good Story

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Every good story weaves together setting, characters, and plot.

The great stories surprise us when seemingly insignificant details about the setting turn out to be essential to the story. Or minor, supporting characters suddenly take center stage and play a much larger role than we expected. Or we discover that intricate subplots running underneath the main plot are fascinating stories on their own.

Since God is the master story weaver, it shouldn't surprise us when he knits together these three elements in ways we never expected. Most times we never see it coming because great story tellers also excel in the element of surprise.

That's precisely what God did yesterday at our conference here in Managua, Nicaragua.

Lester Ruiz, the worship leader from The Bridge, my home church in Atlanta, traveled with me to lead worship at our conference.

Lester was born in Nicaragua, and spent the first 16 years of his life here in Managua. Then he immigrated to the U.S. where he met Jesus as his personal Savior and later answered God's call to a life of ministry.

2015-02-16 image-2When the conference planners told me they were looking for someone to lead worship, I knew Lester was the ideal choice. I also knew his mother and lots of his extended family live here, and that it had been seven years since he'd been home for a visit.

The sweet reunion when Lester's family met us at the airport the night before last confirmed that this was a subplot worthy of inclusion in the dominant story of this week -- the introduction of 250+ pastors to Chosen, our new course on the life of Mary.

But God, the ultimate story builder, had so much more planned for Lester than I ever imagined.

It took Lester all of thirty seconds to bond with the roomful of pastors and spouses. Before the first song was half over, he had us all singing passionately and worshipping freely.

I smiled inside, knowing that God had allowed me to play a small role in crafting this exciting story.

But I never expected the subtle subplot, or the surprising character development, or the hidden significance of our setting.

Last night I asked Lester to email me a few of his thoughts on day one of our conference. This morning I found these words in my inbox, and couldn't help but marvel at God's story weaving brilliance.

2015-02-16 image-3

What an especial and memorable experience today! Two of my deepest heart desires became a reality in my life.

My first time leading and facilitating worship in the city where I was born Managua, Nicaragua. I prayed to have an opportunity to serve people in this country one day, it felt really far away but I rested and waited for years knowing that this request was on God's hands.

The second especial experience was playing at The Camino Real Hotel. When I was a kid many times I went to pick up my Mother from the airport and every time I passed by the Hotel I used to wonder and dream about going in one day but we couldn't afford it, but that didn't stop me from dreaming that one day, I was going to be able to go.

Today, I was so excited because God made something that looked impossible, possible, He is faithful! I'm humbled and forever grateful that my Father gave me this amazing opportunity through Walk Thru The Bible to come to serve and be part of this amazing conference. Thank you God!

And there it was. The master story weaver had done it again! In the middle of the major story of the week, God loved Lester enough to craft a beautiful subplot just for him.

And the really cool part is that he has also written you into this story. Through your prayers and generous gifts to Walk Thru the Bible, you get to be a story shaper too. And someday in heaven we'll get to fully understand all the subplots God is writing in us and through us.

How cool will that be?


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