Exponential Effect

Today's post comes from Mark Schaff, International Trainer

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Can you double an exponential effect?

One formula is clear.
Train a teacher – that's addition.
Train a trainer – that's multiplication.
Train a trainer of trainers – that's exponential explosion.

This is the mathematical explanation of how last year's 25 South Asian consultation team members touched 1,180,000 lives.

We introduced a new formula yesterday. The KNOW. FEEL. DO. formula. Rather than simply training the South Asian leaders in the content of Chosen, Phil spent the day training the men in how to prepare and apply a message for transformation not information.

Dissecting the lessons of Chosen as an example, Phil guided the team in developing applications for their teaching. Determine what you want your students to KNOW, FEEL and Do from each Bible lesson.

The men engaged with Phil, each other, and Chosen with incredible energy. Gone were the quiet listening and words of appreciation after a polite pause. There was talkative chaos, leaning forward in seats with immediate questions, ah ha's, and affirmations.

"Why haven't you taught us this before?!" was heard more than once.

I winced a bit at that comment. "Hey, we've been teaching application for years. It is our DNA!" I thought. But life change is a process. Just because you said something once does not mean people learn it. Then I got swept up in the joy of learning with everyone else. The time was ripe for the men to grasp this lesson – method – teaching goal. This is the second exponential track at this year's consultation.

Addition – it influences their teaching of Chosen.
Multiplication – it changes all their Walk Thru the Bible course teachings.
Exponential Impact – the skill transfers to all their teaching far beyond Walk Thru the Bible curriculum.

As the KNOW. FEEL. DO. formula gets passed through the first formula of the training of trainers, we may do much more than double our impact.

Celebrate the continual growth of our South Asia team!

- Mark Schaff, International Trainer

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