What Would You Do?

India Update #6

2015-01-14 image-1

So . . . If you had a vacant floor in your four-story office flat, what would you do with it?

That's the decision that confronted our South Asia Regional Director, Vallab Sathyabal, and his wife, Anitha.

Most Americans would simply use it as extra storage space and fill it up with soon-forgotten boxes. The entrepreneurs among us would recognize the income potential, and look for a renter immediately.

2015-01-14 image-2But Sathyabal and Anitha had a better idea. A much better idea.

They reconfigured the space, hired a family to move in as house parents, and provided a priceless opportunity to five heartbroken boys.

All five are the sons of fathers who died of AIDS. Their mothers have also tested positive for the dreaded disease.

Here in Hyderabad India, that means these boys have no hope for a positive future. They'll likely be orphaned within years. And they have little or no shot at a quality education or a rewarding career.

But Sathyabal and Anitha changed all that.

Here's how it works. The boys stay in town during the week and attend high quality, college prep schools. Their meals and lodging are all provided, along with love and biblical nurture from their house parents and their two great kids. All these costs plus school tuition are fully funded by Sathyabal and Anitha, along with six other families here in India.

The boys spend weekends and holidays at home with their moms. While it's far from perfect, this opportunity is life changing on every level.

2015-01-14 image-3We got to hang out with three of the boys and hear their stories a few days ago. They didn't seem to mind coming home from school a few hours early to meet us!

In spite of the heartbreak these boys have experienced, their faces radiate joy. They're growing in their love for Christ and knowledge of His Word. And they now have a future worth dreaming about.

While none of this is officially part of Walk Thru the Bible, I thought you should hear what our leaders have chosen to do with their spare time and resources -- neither of which they have a lot of.

Sathyabal and Anitha are amazing examples of what it looks like when we live life full out for Christ. Not the sanitized version of our faith that huddles in comfortable church buildings, but the messy kind that takes Christ's love to those who need it the most.

I'm inspired and convicted by Sathyabal and Anitha. We've been serving together since 1992. I didn't think it was possible for me to love and respect them any more. But I was wrong.


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