Philippines Day 3

I can't tell you how much your prayers and encouragement mean. Thank you. Today's update comes from Wahid Wahba. Please keep praying - your prayers are making a difference!

-Phil Tuttle

It was surely a great day. We arrived at the CCF Church at 7.45am after another adventure with Manila traffic. I feel at home. It's no different than the traffic in Cairo.

2014-12-11 image-1The church building is terrific, state of the art. The main church auditorium can seat 10,000 people in its three levels. They moved into this church in May 2013. We were received by the many greeters with their smiling faces. They are part of the volunteer group. There were 237 young volunteers helping throughout the day. This is not counting the prayer warriors who attended the Detour course last week in order to be free to spend today in prayer for the event.

Their prayers and yours were heard by Almighty God. The attendance exceeded 5,000. Phil started very well breaking the ice by telling stories about his family and the size of his shoes. As he started the teaching you could immediately feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit on him. Phil was coteaching with the senior Pastor of the church Dr. Peter Tan-Chi , a very mature, seasoned Christian leader. It was appropriate that Peter taught the session about "Joseph and His Work", since he comes from a business background and is a successful businessman.

In other sessions he invited his daughter to tell her story. I could not stop my tears all the time she was sharing. When she was 15 years old, her parent left her at home with her siblings and two of her friends to lead a Bible study. During this time 10 men with guns broke into the house, ordered everybody to lie on the ground with their faces down and they started raping the daughter and her two friends.

When the parents came back, they found police cars surrounding the house and recognized that something wrong had happened. When they knew the story, God gave them divine wisdom to deal with the situation. Joy chose not to surrender to the normal reaction of blaming God for not protecting her, nor did she have bitterness towards the criminals. Instead she chose to forgive them and was convinced that they need God. Her parents didn't want her to go to normal counseling nor even to Christian counseling but to Biblical counseling, knowing that only the word of God can heal her and can use this experience for His glory. It was a great testimony.

Later on in the following session Peter invited his wife Deonna to tell her part of that story. Once again you couldn't stop your tears. What an incredible family. From the outside, everybody would like to be like them, but when you see the brokenness that they went through, it's another story.

As Phil was finishing the last session about "Joseph and His Legacy", he invited Peter's son-in-law, and his 12-year-old grandson to share from the pulpit. What a legacy.

As Peter asked the people who want to accept Jesus as their savior to raise their hands, you could see many hands raised. He led them in prayer. Then he asked those who wanted to pray that God might let them forgive others who hurt them, many hands were also raised. Everyone could see the hard work that was put into this event by Fetan and his team.

Dr. Peter is surrounded by very capable leaders, led by Ricky and JP.

Ellen did a wonderful job supporting Phil and connecting with people. I travel with Phil often. He is always great, but even better when Ellen is around.

Emily was very busy doing interviews and trying to gather as much material as possible for the production of the video.

Thank you Lord Jesus for a great day, we could feel you all around. Please help those who made decisions today whether to follow you as Lord and Savior or to forgive others.

Phil will be preaching tomorrow in the church's three services.

Wahid Wahb

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