Powerful, But Personal

Today was a very special day for our team as we took a break from our normal work for a corporate outing. As guests of Bubba Cathy and our good friends at Chick-fil-A, we had the privilege of touring the Passages Exhibit. This wonderful collection chronicles the history of the Bible from the time of Moses until it first became available in English.

PassagesWe saw ancient manuscripts and fragments in Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, Latin, German, and English. We each received an interactive iPod with headphones into which we could enter specific codes to hear the informative explanation of each display. In addition, life-size animated mannequins of Luther, Tyndale, Anne Boleyn, and others told their life stories in first person. One of the highlights was standing right next to a man as he printed a page of the Bible on a replica of Gutenberg's press from about 1440. So cool! The page he handed me will definitely end up on display in my office.

It was all so moving, and I encourage you to experience it for yourself between now and June 30 if you live near Atlanta. I'm pretty sure the exhibit will then travel to other major cities in the U.S. so watch for it in your area or check out www.explorepassages.com.

I personally had several major takeaways from today, but let me tell you about just one.

Years ago I learned a simple acrostic to help me remember several major facets of the doctrine of Scripture. Just remember the letters I-R-I-P (which is not normally something you would want to do to your Bible!) Those letters represent four major things God has one to get his Word into our hands today.

I - Inspiration
R - Revelation
I - Illumination
P - Preservation

I've taught on the first three quite a bit, but today I was reminded just how much God has done to preserve and protect the Bible over the last four millennia. So many dictators have tried to drive it into extinction. So many critics have attacked its reliability. So many religious leaders have shamed it by their personal hypocrisy. And yet God's Word lives on—still sharper than any two-edged sword!

Timeless but relevant. Above every nation but able to transform any culture. Powerful but personal.

Today reminded me that the Bible is primarily God's love letter to us. We aren't supposed to worship the book, but its Author. And yet we should approach it with a sense of reverence because it is unlike any other book in the world.

Tomorrow morning when I have to choose between a few minutes of extra sleep or some life-changing time in God's Holy Word with the Creator of the Universe, I hope I remember some of the heroes I met today who gave their lives so I could have even one copy in my own language—let alone the 20 different versions that occupy my bookshelves.

Everything we do at Walk Thru the Bible is intended to ignite passion for God's Word in people from more than 100 countries where we actively minister. But today it was my turn. I'm the one who needed to have his passion for the Bible rekindled. My prayer is that I will never attempt to export something I'm not first experiencing myself.

How about you?

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