What do you think?

Things look a little different around here, don't they?

What's changed? Well, a lot and not much all at the same time. We're still the same ministry that has been dedicated to helping people everywhere live God's Word. We're still intensely passionate, even after 35 years, about igniting a passion for God's Word in people all over the world. We know there is nothing more effective in creating life change than God's Word—and we know you know it too. We believe that discipleship is more than simply making converts; it's helping people cultivate a growing relationship with God.

A passion for God's Word matters at any stage of life—regardless of your age, economic level, nationality, or where you are in your faith walk, we all need our passion for God and His Word to be stirred in our hearts.

Now that I've told you what hasn't changed, here's what has: how we communicate with you and the people around you. Our look is updated, our message is a little clearer and we're moving into the 21st century (some of us kicking and screaming) by embracing social media and updated technology. But, don't worry—we promise not to leave anyone behind.

Take a look around our site and let us know what you think—check out the Global Impact section to read about the difference God's Word is making around the world; look at the resources we offer for small groups; and find a Walk Thru the Old Testament live event near you so you can finally put all the pieces of the Bible together.

Watch this video to find out more about our mission and our work around the world—it explains it much better than I can!

So . . . what do you think?

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