Jordan Update #5


Well, our conference in Amman, Jordan, is over and everyone is back home safe and sound. In fact, I’ve already enjoyed a few restful nights and a wonderful Sunday with old and new friends while speaking at Grandfather Golf and Country Club in North Carolina.

2018 07 24 image 01The Middle East-North Africa conference may be over, but for most of our 68 delegates, their work is just beginning. It’s one thing to watch me teach our new course, Chiseled: Becoming the Masterpiece God Created You to Be, but quite another to get ready to teach it yourself. We spent half a day in small groups letting each person teach one section and receive helpful coaching from their peers. I wish you could have seen the energy and enthusiasm fill the room as each man and woman began their transition from student to teacher. They’re now confident they can effectively make this new tool their own with personal stories and culturally appropriate illustrations.

Most of the 12 countries represented are Arabic-speaking, so our pastors and leaders left the conference fully equipped with workbooks and PowerPoints in the language of their hearts. But for a few, like Curnilius Gill, his wife Naheed, and son Shakeeb, there’s another major hurdle they must clear. In Pakistan, Arabic won’t get them very far. Shakeeb will need to translate Chiseled into Urdu directly from my English version. 2018 07 24 image 02If past performance is any indication, Shakeeb and Curnilius will have high quality resources ready to go in a few short weeks. I asked Curnilius how last year’s course, Revolution: How Millennials Can Change the World, our resource on the life of King Josiah, was going in Pakistan. He smiled and told me they had already taught it in 38 cities across the country and trained many pastors to teach it to their own congregations. There are huge generational issues in Pakistan, and having a father and son teaching the same course doubles its impact.

When I asked Curnilius if he thought Chiseled would have similar reach in Pakistan, he replied, “Oh no, sir. We will take this new course to many more people in many more churches in many more cities.” I’m pretty sure the smile that covered my face needed no translation! I hope you’re smiling right now too, because your partnership through donations and prayers makes all this possible. If our delegates’ work is just beginning, then we too must continue to pray fervently and give generously. Some are going back to difficult and even dangerous situations. Will you join me in supporting them with your whole heart? Thank you so much.

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