Jordan Update #3


Great news! Wahid’s hernia repair surgery went very well. They were able to do it laparoscopically so his recovery will be much quicker and easier. I spent most of today with Laila at the hospital along with a few other close friends. Wahid will spend at least one night in the hospital and then several days here in Amman before they fly back to Cairo for some quality rest. Thank you so much for praying! Wahid and Laila were blown away by all your messages of support and encouragement.

2018 07 18 image 01Today’s update is from Judy Huber, one of five Walk Thru the Bible partners who is sharing this adventure with us. Judy has been a generous partner of our ministry for many years and has made significant investments in the courses of the Biblical Character Series, including Crucible (David), Detour (Joseph), Chosen (Mary), Revolution (Josiah), and the course we’re launching now, Chiseled (Peter).

Here are Judy’s thoughts:

First, I just have to say that the Sunday night church service we attended was a pretty amazing experience for me. I was not expecting to hear Crucible being taught and it was pretty emotional. Both of the leaders were so passionate and the church was actively involved. To be able to experience such a special time will always be a treasured remembrance.

So, being in Jordan and attending the training sessions and visiting with the participants as well as sharing with them and hearing their stories - wow - It's a humbling experience and such an honor and a blessing to be able to see, firsthand, how the training process works.

There are 12 countries represented this week and this series is written for all because it is sharing God's truths. I felt as though it was written for me, not "them.” But God's truth has no boundaries. I can only imagine how it will encourage the faith of many and strengthen their walk with the Lord.

I am so thankful to be experiencing such a special time as this with these beautiful sisters and brothers in Christ and seeing enthusiasm for Walk Thru—what a blessing! There are times I am totally overwhelmed with all the emotions but never a doubt as to why I'm here. It's a "God thing"!

I talk about Walk Thru all the time, and this is how I explain it: "I have partnered with Walk Thru the Bible to produce materials that are taught around the world by trained individuals to reach thousands of people for Christ.” There is no better investment!

2018 07 18 image 02 2018 07 18 image 03

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