Ukraine Update #5


Our conference is over and we’ve all headed home. Ellen and I decided to turn our Delta layover in Paris into a “playover” by taking a couple days to vacation in this gorgeous city.

My mind is still full of gratitude as I think about what God did during our time in Ukraine. Response to Revolution, our new resource on the life of Josiah, couldn’t have been more positive. This new course focuses on helping young adults become the leaders the global church desperately needs.

I knew this message would resonate with our established leaders, but what about the young influencers we invited to join us? Most of these Millennials knew very little about Walk Thru the Bible so they only came because a trusted friend invited them.

So what did they think of Revolution and their first exposure to Walk Thru the Bible?

Let me introduce you to a pair of young leaders, both named Vitaly.

2018 05 15 image 1

The Vitaly on the left is 34 years old and is the director of youth ministry for the Baptist Union of Russia. He equips and encourages youth leaders in 1,800 churches. He travels a lot and plans to use Revolution at conferences all across Russia. He’ll need to change the name of the course to avoid the wrath of Mr. Putin and the rest of Russia’s political leaders, but that’s not a big deal. He hopes to share this life-changing teaching with 2,500 teenagers at their national youth conference this August. For him, the timing of our conference couldn’t have been better and he can’t wait to learn more about other Walk Thru resources.

2018 05 15 image 22018 05 15 image 3

The Vitaly on the right is a youth leader from Tallinn, Estonia. He leads and teaches a network of churches and youth groups. At 32 years old, he is committed to change all of Estonia and its surrounding nations using Walk Thru courses. He believes Revolution will be well-accepted by all denominations and all age groups. Vitaly plans to take the course and "try it out" within weeks with different youth groups from different regions, share it with key leaders, and then launch it on a national level. Estonia is a small country with huge influence because it has the best Internet in the world. Vitaly and his friends may just be the key to helping deliver our ministry in ways we haven’t ever thought of.

2018 05 11 image 5

I could share about other leaders but their responses would start to sound redundant. The verdict is unanimous. Revolution is exactly what our leaders from 15 countries believe they need to encourage Millennial and Gen-Z young men and women in their efforts to change the world. Like Josiah, they’re cause-oriented and passionate about correcting the problems inherited from past generations. Hopefully, also like Josiah, they’ll discover that God’s Word is the only way to make changes that truly last. Prayerfully, many, many young people will respond to Revolution and join the Josiah Generation.

Our conference may be finished, but the real work is just beginning. Will you join me in faithfully praying for these men and women now that they are home? Some of them serve in very difficult places. Let’s stand with them as they boldly share what they’ve learned this past week. And please watch Pathways magazine for updates on how God answers these prayers. Thank you, friends.

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