Ukraine Update #2


Today’s reflections are courtesy of Ellen.

Yesterday was an exciting day at Regent Hill in Kiev, Ukraine. With gleaming pots full of coffee and trays of delicious Ukrainian cookies at one of the finest event venues in Kiev (our event would not have been possible without the generosity of its owner!), our team welcomed 400 teens and young adults, plus several dozen local pastors and leaders, to the launch of Revolution: How Millennials Can Change the World and What They Need from the Rest of Us. There was a lot of excitement and expectation as the time approached. We wondered if everyone would come, but the auditorium was filled by the time the worship band began the music.

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Phil, Boris (our national director for Ukraine), and Vladimir (a popular local pastor), team-taught the sessions, each presenting with their own style, which added to the effectiveness of the messages. Session Three was especially powerful. Boris interviewed four attendees, each representing the different generations: Builders (ages 75-96), Boomers (ages 58-75), Gen X (ages 38-58), and Millennials (ages 18-38). Listening to each one describe their experience of particular points in the history of Ukraine during their lifetime was so interesting. But more importantly, it allowed them and the audience to gain a new perspective for each generation, their identity, and their value and roles in God's overall purpose for His kingdom. By listening instead of criticizing and resisting one another, each began to appreciate and value the other. After the Millennial described his perspective, the older Builder humbly asked for forgiveness and pledged his support to help younger leaders move the gospel forward in this generation. The Spirit was present. It was quiet until the silence was interrupted by spontaneous applause. These were beautiful moments, and we could feel God's pleasure.

All the planning and prayer and hard work that went into this large event proved to be worth the effort. We're continually amazed with the quality and giftedness and faithfulness of our team here. It was an especially huge blessing to see all their families involved in making the day a success, highlighting the focus of the course that the Millennial and Gen-Z generations are the leaders of today, not tomorrow!

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Arlie Francis 09.05.2018 10:47  
God At Work In Ukraine Yes No   While this conference was being held, a young soccer coach from Shostka was in our home in San Antonio. At the end of practices, his players (and their parents) participate together in learning to tell 12 key Bible stories from Genesis though Revelation. His teams win games, families are coming to faith, and together thy are making an impact in North-Eastern Ukraine. It is so great to hear reports like Phil's that demonstrate the goodness and power of God throughout the entire region of Eurasia.  
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