Colombia Update #1


2018 03 26 image 01

2018 03 26 image 03Greetings from Bogotá Colombia! Our 20 Hispanic leaders have gathered from 12 different nations to launch Revolution, our newest Walk Thru course on the parallels between young King Josiah and today’s Millennials.

This is an amazing group that demonstrates the true nature of global discipleship today. Most of the delegates lead our ministry in the nation where they were born and raised. Walk Thru loves to invest in nationals who instinctively understand their own culture and teach in their own heart language.

But we also love to partner with those who respond to Jesus’ Great Commission and carry the Gospel across national and cultural borders.

Many Americans assume nearly all missionaries are Americans. While there are many such missionaries, the truth is the past two or three decades have seen a shift from “Americans to the world” to “everyone to everywhere.”

Our group reflects this glorious transformation. Valentin Popescu grew up in Romania but now lives and serves in Peru. There are others who have responded to God’s call to take the whole Word to the whole world.

2018 03 26 image 02Meet Ike “Triple Threat” Rhyu. I had the joy of training Ike and his wife way back in 1997 when I was Dean of Faculty. From day one, 21 years ago, I knew Ike and Helen were special. They were born in Korea, raised in California, and were at that time serving as missionaries in Mexico.

I was training them in English, but each evening they would stay up very late translating our Old Testament storyline into both Korean and Spanish! By each new morning, they could teach fluently in all three languages.

Now Ike and Helen serve in Spain, but their ministry is global. Four of our Spanish-speaking leaders here at this conference were trained to teach Walk Thru the Bible over the past two decades by Ike.

What a great reminder that every time we train a man or woman to teach one of our courses we set in motion the miracle of multiplication. For some, the impact is focused on their home church, school, or camp. For others, dozens of churches in their home country now have access to our life-changing resources. And then there are those, like Ike, who multiply our ministry like we could never have imagined.

Most of us will never personally impact the world like Ike and Helen. But consider this: Someone paid for Ike and Helen’s training 21 years ago. Possibly one of you who is reading this update! Your reunion with them in heaven will be even sweeter than my reunion this week. And don’t be surprised if a few hundred or thousand of Ike and Helen’s spiritual kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids from all over the world want to meet you too!

Until then, please allow me to say thank you on their behalf. Your continued prayers and donations truly are changing the world.

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