Ghana Update #3


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So...... this update is a few days overdue. Between spotty internet access and getting sick, I left you hanging regarding our time in Ghana. Sorry about that. Apparently losing my voice affected my writing as well as my speaking! I’m home from Ghana now but want to close the loop so you know how God answered your prayers.

Our Heavenly Father graciously heard your prayers and allowed me to teach two of the six sessions of Revolution at our public launch event for pastors and other church leaders. In spite of my voice sounding like a croaking frog and being quite painful, people totally engaged with the story of Josiah and the parallels with today’s young adults. We had a perfect mix of adult generations, and their interaction was something to see.

The other four sessions were taught by Rich Leland who had traveled with me to help lead the actual training, and Philip Tutu, our national director in Ghana. Both did a superb job, and that’s really the main story of this update.

One of the core markers of ​the ​Walk Thru the Bible DNA is that the resources we create are TRANSFERABLE. They can be easily transferred from one person to another, across generations, languages, cultures, and styles.

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And that’s exactly what happened that day! Rich had team​-taught with me before, but Philip had only seen the course on DVD. Yet both were able to jump in with very little prep time and pour out the timeless truth of Revolution through their unique gifts, personalities, and experiences.

The pastors and church leaders could not have been more responsive. Not only were they moved personally, but many left eager to share this course with their home churches. For some that meant inviting Philip or another instructor to come lead a live event. For others it meant purchasing the DVD and workbooks, and for some it meant deciding to attend a future training so they can teach it themselves.

Would I have loved to teach all the sessions myself? Absolutely. In fact, that’s exactly why I was asking God to heal my voice. But this time God said, “No Phil. I have a better idea.” As I watched the day unfold, I had to agree.

All the trainees got the message too. This teaching isn’t Phil’s—it’s God’s. It belongs to the whole world. And it belongs to each of them.

They’re all ​back ​home now. Eager to spread the message of Revolution in:

Ivory Coast
Burkina Faso
Democratic Republic of Congo
And beyond!

Thank you for praying for us and encouraging us through a challenging week. It didn’t all go as we planned, but the outcome was even better than we had hoped!

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Ken Fransen 06.03.2018 18:08  
Ghana Yes No   Thanks for the update and that all went well. Glad you are back and hope you are getting better. Praying for all those that were in the training to continue to be encouraged.  
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