Ghana Update #2


Today’s update is written by Rich Leland, my wingman on this trip. Rich has been a Walk Thru the Bible instructor for 35 years and he just recently transitioned the leadership of the Nantucket church he pastored for 31 years to a young pastor. He’s uniquely qualified to train others to teach Revolution because of his sustained pattern of empowering younger leaders. Enjoy!

2018 02 21 image 1It's the dry season here in Ghana, but right now we're having a torrential storm. This place is wild! And our training is wildly amazing as well!

What an impressive group of brothers and sisters in Christ! They’re creative, insightful, skilled, and hilarious! During session 3 of the Revolution course we have a panel of four, each representing a different generation. During training today we heard incredible stories from each. Because we didn’t have anyone over 60 years old, our national director for Ghana, Philip Tutu, flawlessly impersonated his grandpa representing the oldest generation.

We think we've had rapid change in our country? Here we had several of the guys who remember news being relayed by "talking drums" as each village had a distinct sound and they'd relay it through the forest. Later, messengers became popular. Always one main messenger with two supporters to make sure he got it right. Can you imagine what those generations must think of smart phones, Instagram, and WhatsApp?

2018 02 21 image 2

Some generational issues are even bigger here than at home. The young pastors have been able to experience education and they often look down on the older, uneducated leaders. The older pastors think book learning is nothing compared to decades of ministry experience. As usual, God is using this new course in much different and bigger ways than we could have ever planned.

Because Phil is having pretty severe voice issues, he is planning to only teach sessions 1 and 4 of our public course tomorrow. Philip Tutu and I will fill in the rest as needed. We know God will provide, but please pray that God will allow Phil to teach.

Bottom line? If you’ve ever wondered whether God is at work in this world, just come to Africa and your questions will be answered! These countries will soak up the truth of this Biblical Character Course like dry ground welcoming the rain.

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