India Update #4


Here is an update on our trip from Rich...

What do you get when you blend 25 of the best south Asian Bible teachers with Revolution, Phil’s latest Biblical Character course? You get a week of phenomenal preparation to teach and train others.

I thought you might enjoy hearing how we’re equipping them. The training began with the model course that we taught as a public event.

2018 01 19 image 1

After each day’s morning devotions we walk our intrepid crew through how to teach the details of the 6 sessions. We discuss the importance of personal heart preparation, the biblical context of King Josiah, and the big idea and goal of each session.

The heart of the training then takes the group through every lesson, describing and demonstrating the best ways of teaching it. At the end of the day, we distribute teaching assignments for the next day’s practice teaching.

2018 01 19 image 2

Today we have divided our teachers into four small groups for their teach backs. After long hours of preparation last night, each is presenting a half hour course segment to others in the group.

When each teacher concludes, the group participates in a talk back. They express the best parts of the teaching and encourage each other as to how they might strengthen their next presentation. Great collaborative learning is occurring.

2018 01 19 image 3

So that’s our training road map. But this is not all that’s happening! Did I mention our tea times and fellowship? Singing that wows you? Deep conversations about challenges these Jesus’ followers face in ministering in their home regions? Lots of laughing, crying, and praying? And meals of rice and curry... and rice and curry...and sometimes curry and rice?

These gifted servants of God will soon return to their homes equipped to train many others to teach God’s life-changing Word.

Are you ready to you hear South Asia’s goals for 2018?

-1500 trainees at least 40 trainings

-at least 20 thousand teaching events

-1.2 million people attending events!

Incredible! Let’s pray for them!

Thanks for helping to make possible this remarkable work of God!

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