India Update #2


2018 01 17 image 1Today’s report is from Rich Leland, my wingman on this trip. Rich has been a Walk Thru instructor since 1983. He was my trainer when I learned to teach Walk Thru the Old Testament in 1988. He’s led 50+ trainings for us all over the world with the encouragement of the church he pastored for 31 years on the island of Nantucket. He hasn’t been to India for 12 years so the reunion has been sweet for Rich and our team here. Enjoy!

Ashirwad is an oasis in the middle of teeming Hyderabad. An intricate weave of corridors bleached by the Indian sun, leading to pristine meeting rooms, surrounding a spacious auditorium.

This was the setting for our first day of training after yesterday’s model Revolution course. Our day began with the Asia Pacific and South Asia teams gathering together for devotions. We then moved to the meat of our week as training commenced for six leaders from Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand. These weren’t raw recruits. No, these five men and one woman are among the master Bible teachers in their countries, veteran Walk Thru leaders all.

I wish you could have experienced their give and take, wise questions and enthusiastic interactions, insightful ideas for culturally contextualizing the biblical truths, and their total buy-in for taking Revolution to their countries. It was an incredible experience to see master teachers grab hold of these lessons from the life of young King Josiah for their own nation’s millennial generation.

2018 01 17 image 22018 01 17 image 32018 01 17 image 4

The representative from one country would share insights that were picked up and expanded by another. This was cross pollination at its best, for the glory of God! Our presentation of different options for teaching each session was met with enthusiasm and a collective desire to learn and apply as much as possible when they returned home.

What productivity! And it’s only day one of training! We have another tomorrow where each Bible teacher will present one session to the rest of our group and then we’ll have feedback.

This whole process will occur again Thursday and Friday with our 25 South Asia Walk Thru leaders.

Josiah’s generation was revolutionized by the discovery and application of God’s Word. Just think what God may be pleased to do through the millennials of our generation, at home and around the world!

-Rich Leland


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