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2018 01 16 image 1Greetings from Hyderabad​, India where the weather is hot and the food is hotter!

Rather than gathering our regional leaders and key country directors in one annual global conference, this year we’re hosting five continental congresses over the next six months. This excellent idea by our International Director, Wahid Wahba, will allow us to connect face-to-face with several hundred of our global leaders instead of just 30.

In Asia, Africa, South America, Europe, and the Middle East, we will launch Revolution, our new course on the life of Josiah. Each conference will also include significant discussion of key topics like in-country fundraising, board development, innovation, and accountability.

Depending on how these conferences go, we may repeat this approach every few years. The only major downside is the intense travel demands for Wahid and me over the next six months.

I’m currently at the first of these continental conferences in Hyderabad​,​ India. We’re meeting with Sathyabal’s 25 full​-time trainers from our South Asian team as we often do in January. In addition, our national leaders from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, and Japan, are here too. The cross pollination of ministry ideas is invigorating!

Wahid couldn’t come on this trip due to US visa issues so veteran instructor and global trainer Rich Leland is with me to help with the training.

Rich and I arrived Sunday after 30+ hours of travel. After an involuntary nap and a good night’s sleep, we hit the ground running yesterday on Kite Day, a national holiday here in India.

We led a Revolution seminar targeted at pastors and other Christian leaders but open to the public. We were hoping and planning for as many as 300, but ended up with over 450! The conference center staff managed to cram extra chairs into our crowded meeting hall, and multiply the rice and curry for lunch.

Rich and I team taught this new course on Josiah with the able assistance of Sanjay who translated our words into Telegu. All ages were well represented as we presented “Revolution: How Millennials Can Change the World — And What They Need from the Rest of Us.”

Together we discovered the parallels between today’s Millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000) and King Josiah who brought great social reform to the land of Judah. If you haven’t seen this new resource yet, I’d encourage you to order the DVD series and workbooks from our website.

2018 01 16 image 2There were several highlights during our day, but none of us will ever forget the beautiful moment when each person under 40 paired up with someone over 40. Each younger leader thanked an older leader for their faithfulness and long​-term commitment to the Gospel in spite of intense trials and even persecution. Then the older leader placed their hands on the younger leader and prayed God’s blessing on their ministry. Somehow amidst all the chaos, tears were shed and generational walls collapsed.

Today the big crowd is gone but the real significant work begins as we’ll train our Asian leaders to teach this course to thousands and train others to teach tens of thousands.

Tomorrow, Rich Leland will share more about this training and our leaders’ vision for Revolution in their own countries.

We need your prayers! Will you participate in this strategic week of equipping?

Will you commit to pray daily as we experience the 2 Timothy 2:2 miracle of multiplication by training faithful people who will teach many others?

If so, please comment below to send a note to encourage our team here. Thank you, dear friends.

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James Mester 17.01.2018 08:30  
Encouragement Yes No  
We are, all in need of “encourage ment”. That is, we are needy in various, parts of our life. While we, abound in, common courage. Making a living, loving our family, driving to work, or school. The common everyday things, we all do to get by, are so mundane we don’t often think of these needs to be, needy of courage to accomplish. Instead we think of fighting a war, or fighting cancer, to be courageous. But the most encouragement we need is to ask Jesus into our heart. I pray you do. Amen.
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Dick Walsman 16.01.2018 16:56  
Multipication Yes No   Beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful, awesome how beautiful are the multiplied feet that will take the gospel to the masses.  
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Dave Kelly 16.01.2018 11:56  
Prayer for training in India Yes No   I will commit to pray daily for your team this week.  
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