Philippines Update 5


Hi, this is Ellen, and it's my turn to tell you what we saw God do today.

Sometimes God brings a person across your path again to remind you of how He continues to work out His plan and how your story fits into it. It's such a surprise and an exhilarating feeling when you realize that God has been directing your paths to intersect right when you need to be reassured that He is real and involved in your life, and you're having an impact because your work is making a difference. I call these reunions "full circle stories" where you find out why God brought you back together and what He has been doing behind the scenes.

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We got to hear a full circle story today when we visited the Tanza Child Development Centre in Tanza, Cavite, Philippines, with our World Teach Philippines team. The school was established in 1989 by a husband and wife team, Dr. Pedro Solis and Dr. Victoria Gabriel-Solis, both medical doctors. It offers Elementary, Secondary, and Senior High School education and is known for its excellence in robotics training at all grade levels. TCDC is currently directed by the founders' son and daughter-in-law, Profs Romeo and JoJo Solis.

TCDC serves families from all economic levels. Some of their students arrive in luxury cars, while others must sell fish at the market before coming to school.

Our World Teach director, Attorney Fetan Tancongco, knew Romeo and JoJo over thirty years ago through school and shared ministry in Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) but they had lost track of each other.

So recently they were surprised to meet up at church and find out that they had a lot in common. For the past twenty years, Romeo and JoJo have been using Walk Thru the Bible materials to train their faculty and staff. He had heard about the new course, Revolution, How Millennials Can Change the World, and What They Need from the Rest of Us, and was hoping to find a local source for it rather than ordering it from Atlanta. That's when they (coincidentally?? Not) bumped into each other after all these years. Fetan, through World Teach, has been providing these tools and leading training conferences and seminars for Filipino Christian leaders, pastors, and teachers for years now, so he was very happy to reconnect with Romeo and JoJo and plans to supply TCDC with the materials they need in the future as well as friendship and support in the ministry.

As we met today, we dreamed some big dreams for the future. Fetan is building a 12-course curriculum for these friends which they will use not only with their own faculty, but with many under-resourced pastors who serve in their area.

Their story came full circle! What a joy to see a reunion of friends who will go forward and accomplish great things together for God's kingdom.

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