Philippines Update 4


2017 11 16 image 1

Not only is that how I'm feeling right now, it's also the name of the ministry where I just spoke. W.O.W. stands for Women Of Worth.

I guess God figured if I was going to crash a women's Bible study for the first time ever, it might as well be a big group -- like over 300! WOW indeed.

2017 11 16 image 2These women meet every Thursday morning, and for the past few weeks they've been studying our we course on the life of Mary. It's called Chosen: When God Calls Your Name.

The first three lessons were taught by three different women using the PowerPoint and workbooks we developed. These three gifted communicators studied the DVD series together and then personalized their talks. All the table leaders also went through the DVD series in advance so they'd be ready to lead quality discussions.

So it just so happened (if you believe in coincidences) that they were scheduled to present session four today while I'm in town. What an honor to teach such life changing material in person and then watch so many passionate women discuss the implications of Mary's life for them personally.

Today's lesson, When Life Must Go On, focuses on Mary's life after she watched her son, Jesus, die on the cross. Though her life appeared to be spinning out of control, she made four difficult choices that made all the difference. As each of us face our own tragedies, Mary's four choices can guide us when we feel like giving up but have to find a way to keep on living.

2017 11 16 image 3Nearly an hour after I finished teaching and had to leave for another meeting, the discussions at each table were still going strong. I wish I could capture what I experienced today, bring it home, and pour it all over our American churches.

I also wish you could have each been here to witness what I saw today. It's your generous donations and faithful prayers that make the creation and distribution of resources like Chosen possible. So thank you. Thank you very much.

P.S. If you're curious what choices Mary made, consider ordering the Chosen DVD series and workbook for yourself, your family, your small group, or your friends. After all, we each need a little more "WOW!" in our lives, don't we?


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