Jordan Update #3


Today's update comes through the eyes of Steve and Tina Hood, long term Walk Thru the Bible partners who live in Indiana. They traveled with me to Ukraine and Russia years ago, but this is their first time in the Middle East. Enjoy!

The HoodsChristianity is ALIVE here in the Middle East! The day began with worship and praise from the heart! We Americans might not have known the words to the songs or the words that were lifted in prayer but we did know they were filled with love and sincerity to the Lord.

What an amazing day of teaching and sharing for us as first timers to the Middle East with a bit of culture shock. To be able to talk to, worship, and learn together with such a diverse group of God fearing Christians has been a blessing. As Americans, it has been easy for us to stress over the current political and economic climate in the U.S., but it was evident after just a short time today that most of the attendees are facing much graver situations each and every day but still their love and commitment to the Lord is tremendous!

As Phil went through the lesson today on Josiah, it was obvious that the complaints and issues that are expressed at home about the Millennial generation are not just restricted to the U.S. Phil briefly defined the Millennials as a group of young adults ranging in age of 17-37. They tend to be cause oriented and passionate about correcting problems from the past with a balanced view of the ministry where both physical needs as well as spiritual needs are met. He showed us that Josiah would be considered a Millennial based on his passion and age in his reign when he sought God in 2 Chronicles 34.

As the generations were defined today, it was easy to see how the tension between Millennials and the older generations are a global concern. (With the discussion one would have thought we were in the U.S.) However, we were able to witness today a group of people representing four generations willing to work together to help spread the Word of God through encouragement to make God's church even stronger for the next generation. There was a wonderful time when about 20 Millennials were lined up across the front of the room and the older participants were asked to go up front also, choosing one young person that they could encourage and pray with. It was a very touching time to see young and old together, encouraging and supporting each other. Tina talked with a young lady from South Sudan who it turns out, had never received any words of encouragement before. I, Steve, was able to pray with a second generation pastor from Pakistan that is able to come along side his father and help the lost Millennials of their country. It was a Holy Spirit driven period this afternoon.

Finally Phil challenged us all to be changed by studying God's Word. Josiah was changed and brought Israel back to God through hearing God's Word. The reading and study of God's Word can change anything and we were all asked to share how consistently and joyfully we are currently in the Word. The responses varied I am sure, but a solid case was made about how change doesn't occur without God's Word involved.

Today was a time of problem solving, encouragement, and challenges. How can God's people, no matter what age, work together to strengthen and advance God's church whether here in the Middle East or at home in America? We saw how solid biblical teaching placed in the hands of committed followers of Jesus, no matter what their age, can truly change the world.

It was a wonderful day. It was a day of igniting passion for God's Word for lasting global impact! For us it is a privilege to be involved in this ministry!

Blessings from Amman,
Steve and Tina Hood

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